Frown Line Removal

Frown lines are a result of many lifestyle factors. Smoking, drinking, stress, bad diet, and sun exposure all play a role. There are several ways to minimize and even remove these lines once and for all.

Ways to Reduce Frown Lines

Lifestyle Changes

The first change you can make is to manage stress levels. Frowning all day won’t get you anywhere. Apply sunscreen as needed. Make sure to stay hydrated, reduce your alcohol consumption, eat a balanced diet, and quit smoking.

Cosmetics Made to Minimize Lines

Botox, Primer, Retinol, and exfoliants with Glycolic Acid help to reduce frown lines. Glycolic Acid and Retinol treatments are more effective when used at night. Primer doesn’t eliminate lines permanently, but it does reduce them by creating a smoother surface before applying makeup.

Removing Frown Lines

Botox, fillers, laser treatments, and peels are all great ways to remove frown lines.


Botox is a treatment that’s injected into the skin to reduce wrinkles. The injections temporarily relax the muscles, allowing the skin to expand. It’s minimally invasive but does involve needles. There are a few possible side effects. Consult with your doctor before attempting Botox.


Fillers do exactly as their name implies. They plump empty places beneath the skin to reduce and eliminate worry lines. They can be applied topically, but are more effective when injected by a professional. Injectable fillers can last almost four months. As always, consult a professional before using fillers.

Peels and Laser Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing enhances your skin’s collagen production, boosting the rate at which new cells are created. This newer, fresher skin helps to smooth over frown lines. Professional chemical peels are another way to remove frown lines. They work by slightly wounding your skin to enhance collagen production and cell turnover. The skin is exfoliated and comes off. There are three types of peels ranging from gentle to extreme. It is up to you and your doctor to decide which is best.

Brow Lift

If your frown lines are severe, consider a brow lift. This procedure, performed by a plastic surgeon, is usually considered a last resort. Your surgeon detaches and rearranges the muscles in your forehead. A fascia graft may be needed if the lines are bad enough. Though drastic, this is the best way to permanently remove frown lines.

Try these tips to minimize and even remove frown lines. It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile. Frown less, worry less, be healthy, and take care of your skin.