Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Everyone has a hair problem area that they are afraid to tackle. This fear may come from doubts about our self-image, negative experiences we may have heard of, or even impressions about the effectiveness of hair removal procedures. Any combination of these thoughts can keep us from solving the problem until we finally hear the truth. Here’s a list of myths about laser treatment that can hopefully put your mind at ease about the process.

Laser Hair Removal Is Extremely Painful

When laser hair removal was first invented it was, in fact, a painful process. Back then, the removal of hair would sometimes wind up damaging the skin. Today, laser hair removal comes with only slight discomfort and there are numbing creams or over-the-counter painkillers available if needed. Some patients compare today’s treatment to the sting of an elastic band hitting the skin.

Laser Treatment Lasts Forever

This is the case only for the hairs that are actively growing at the time of treatment, which typically make up about a quarter of the hair in a particular area. The rest of the hair that is in its resting phase will not be affected by the treatment, and therefore when this hair becomes active again, it will seem as though the hair is growing back. Because of this fact, it is recommended that you complete multiple treatments to make sure the majority of the hair is removed. Even after the process is complete, it may still be necessary to get the treatment done once or twice a year to ensure results.

It Doesn’t Work for Lighter Hair Removal

The latest technology is able to detect even the smallest amount of pigment in the lighter strands. However, darker hair is still easier to remove, and lighter strands may have to undergo repeat treatments for best results.

Hair Removal Doesn’t Work On Dark Skin Tones

The skin tone does not matter to the treatment. It is really about the pigment in the hair alone. There are settings and machines to service every skin tone.

You Must Shave Before Hair Removal Treatment

This is not the case. Some people may prefer it, but it isn’t a requirement. Certain areas such as the bikini line might get shaved first by the aesthetician but overall it is up to the patient.

The Treatment Is Expensive

The treatment is very affordable, especially if you spread it out over time. Most people target small, annoying patches of hair, with each session costing as little as $60. Even for the larger areas, the end result savings are worth it. You will save yourself the inconvenience of shaving these annoying areas over and over again, savings which will make a great difference in the long run.