Spider Vein Removal

If you’ve never had spider veins, you don’t know what a pest they can be. Even though they are a milder form of varicose veins, their red, blue, and purple colors make them easily visible through the skin, and are most common on the legs and face. Spider veins vary in size and resemble a spider web. About 30-60% of people age 18 and over have spider or varicose veins. For some people, spider veins are merely a cosmetic concern, while others experience aching pain and discomfort, or even more serious complications.

Spider veins usually don’t disappear on their own and typically require vein removal treatment. There are two main ways to remove spider veins: sclerotherapy and laser vein treatment.


With sclerotherapy, a concentrated salt solution is injected into the veins using a very fine needle, causing them to shrink. There can be some discomfort for a minute or two, particularly during larger vein injections. By irritating the lining of the blood vessel, the solution causes it to stick together and collapse and the blood to clot. Total time to remove spider veins through sclerotherapy is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. This procedure must be done in a doctor’s office by a dermatologist or a surgeon. Physical activity is only mildly limited after the procedure. This has been a proven vein removal method since the 1930’s.

Laser Vein Treatment

To remove spider veins with laser therapy is a highly recommended and non-invasive way to accomplish vein removal, although it is not typically covered by insurance. This procedure uses heat energy to damage or destroy the selected abnormal veins. Like sclerotherapy, there may be some minor discomfort. Side effects can occur, which include staining or discoloration and blister formation.

There are some other ways to eliminate spider veins, including support stockings or compression socks, lifestyle changes, endovenous laser treatment, radiofrequency occlusion, surgery, and intense pulsed light treatments.

To see which spider vein removal method is right for you, contact Brea Aesthetics and schedule a consultation with our experienced dermatologists.